Brand New Release Titled: Mighty God By I-Fee Sound | @officialifee, @7promediang


MIGHTY GOD is not just a song to me; It is an answered prayer.

Earlier this year, I was caught up in a storm I never knew how I was going to get out of. Things got so bad that I felt sorry for myself. All I could do was pray, not because my faith was very strong but because that was the only thing I could do. The devil tried to fill my head with so many scary thoughts, but in the midst of my storm, GOD spoke to me and His voice calmed me and He gave me this song (MIGHTY GOD), to remind me that HE is my Father, and nothing can ever be bigger than HIM. Hearing GOD speak cleared my head of every doubt and fear that the devil was trying to cripple me with. I-Fee Sound

My prayer for everyone that will listen to this song is that: As you listen, may GOD speak to you through this Music and calm your Heart, clear your mind so you can see what HE has for you.



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