[Audio] Born of life By Idiomorfos

Born of life By Idiomorfos

Spirit filled Gospel music team, Idiomorfos is out with another powerful song titled ” Born of  life”. The song is released today November 3rd in honour of the birthday of her prestigious team member “Joy Nwakpa”.

According to the Team lead & C.E.O of David Oshin, This song is born out of an encounter with the Life Himself “Jesus Christ”. The truth is every believer is born of the life of God, we are not merely existing , and in this life is joy ,peace , love, glory, mercies …, we need to understand the message in the song!


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I have been given a life , life of the almighty God,

Paid for by the blood of his precious son,

Its a life of peace, its a life of joy

Its a beautiful life, a glorious life


Born of life, Born of life

Eternal life, Eternal life.

Born of Joy, Born of Peace

Eternal Joy, Eternal Peace

Born of his mercies , Born of Glory

Eternal Mercies, Eternal Glory

Born of spirit, Born of his power

Eternal  Spirit, Eternal power


I Have been given life, A sinless life

Life of the father, brought us redemption

Now we can fellowship with him, cos we are partakers of life,

Its an ageless life , its a glorious life


Born of Grace , Born of Love

Eternal Grace, Eternal Love

Born of Joy , Born of Peace

Eternal Joy , Eternal Peace

Born of His Mercies, Born of His Glory

Eternal mercies, Eternal Glory

Born of the Spirit, Born of his Power

Eternal Spirit, Eternal power


Life surges in me, the Holy Ghost fire burns in me,

Life surges in me, the power of God surges in me. [3 times]

Its Burning, Burning , Burning in me [4times]




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