[Audio + Video] You Blow My Mind By Aity Dennis

Aity Dennis - You Blow My Mind

Gospe music artist and minister,  Aity Dennis, has released a beautiful new tune titled “YOU BLOW MY MIND”.

This new tune is a well written and beautifully arranged praise song that tells of the endless grace and mercies of God. It is a danceable tune recorded with a burst of Afro vibes and it is set to definitely get each listener dancing!

Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him with timbrel and harp.

Psalm 149:3

This great tune is definitely a must-listen, so get your dancing shoes ready, and prepare to have your mind BLOWN!




I’m still looking for words

To describe You

Each time that I try

You blow my mind

I go searching for terms

Searching for terms 

To define You

Awesome God oh oh oh

You blow my mind


You ‘re more than amazing

Massively grandiose

You blow my mind 2X

Bigger than I can imagine

Extremely glorious

You blow my mind X2

Oh Oh oh…

Igbakala m ishi

Your creation is endless

Your blessings are countless

You make me speechless Aah

You blow my mind

Nothing I need is beyond you

Awesome Wonder Miracle Worker…

You blow my mind… 

Igbakala m ishi…

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