[Audio] More of You By Daniel Richman

Abuja based Gospel Singer and Songwriter Daniel Richman releases his new single “More of You
produced by Ay Klasiq. “More of You” is a song of sincere hunger and thirst for deeper communion with God.

This new single is coming after other spirit-filled and life-transforming singles such as “Trust in You”,
“Magnified (with an amazing video on YouTube)”, “My Worship Rise”, “Holy Spirit” and more.

Daniel Richman has one album and many singles to his name. His album, MAGNIFIED was released in December 2014.

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All I want is
More of You
All I need is
More of You

More of You
Jesus More of You
More of You
All I want is
More of You

Fill me up
Until my cup is full
Till I overflow
Till I want no more

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