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Adokiye’s dilemma turning from secular to gospel artiste

Since virgin singer, Adokiye Kyrian, released her latest gospel single, ‘Glory’, it has been nothing but accolades galore for the ‘Body to Body’ and ‘Love u Better’ crooner. So successful is the song that the architect-turned singer has become a hot favourite for shows and events across the country.

She has been so gleeful about her successes that she posts every occasion online. Unknown to her, not everyone would take kindly to her choice of dress on stage as a gospel artist. At least one comment from a fan who called himself Chrisben was graphic enough to tell the singer she might have to have a rethink about how she presents herself as a gospel singer.

“I wonder what the gospel musicians are turning into … are they representing Christ or themselves…? Your outfit describes your inner mind. This can’t be God’s way. The church must not allow the body to become worldly. I rest my case” says Chrisben.

Adokiye, on her part, didn’t see anything wrong with the way she dressed while performing the gospel number on stage and she said what and how she feels about it.

“I don’t think anything was wrong with what I wore to perform. There was absolutely nothing exposing about what I wore. What matters most is the message I’m passing to my fans and the people that can connect with it as well”, she said.

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