#3WISEmen A LIVE WORSHIP SESSION || @jherisings


There is Scarcity of LOYAL and FAITHFUL WORSHIPPERS in the KINGDOM AND the Entire WORLD at large.
Are you ready to Give GOD your ALL IN WORSHIP???
If you are, then be READY for HIM to also GIVE YOU HIS ALL..
This question is , do you have enough Room to take HIS ALL??? Join Jheri Sings for the #3WISEmen
A LIVE WORSHIP SESSION at Street GEE 42nd series
Featuring Babz Carpenterz and Emmanuel E’Davids
Hosted by Oweezo D Humorous
All LIVE AT DEXTERITY STUDIO. 8 Agoro Kensington crescent opposite Vila park off 2nd rainbow, FESTAC town, Lagos.
Friday May26th from 6pm-8;30pm.



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