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NA GODE (THANK YOU) by Abed Nansoh Shalvong @AbedNansoh

Rev. Abed Nansoh Shalvong premieres the official music video for his debut, mid-tempo praise song titled “Na Gode” which translates into “Thank You” from Hausa dialect.

Enjoy watching and kindly share.

Video Director – Akin Alabi
Music Producer – Ebenezer Iriemi
Songwriter/Music Composer – Abed Nansoh Shalvong

ABED NANSOH SHALVONG is an extant Nigerian Christian singer as well as a songwriter. He hails from Langtang North Local Government Area of Plateau State. He is a Reverend Minister with Christ Missionaries Crusaders Church International.

He started his music Ministry as a teenager at COCIN Kwanpe in Langtang north as the children Choir Master around 1988. He moved on to join Grace of God Mission church in 1995 where he also served as the music director until he had to answer the call into full time ministry in January 1997.

He moved to Onitsha where he attended Grace Theological Seminary and also assumed the position of music director. Upon graduation, he started pastoring with New Creation Assembly and was also made the music director before he was transferred to Lagos to take care of a branch. He is presently the Music Administrator of Christ Missionaries Crusaders Church International Headquarters in Warri, Delta State.

LYRICS – Na Gode by Abed N. Shalvong

Uba na gode x8

Sarkin sarakuna (King of kings)
In ban da kai ba (without you)
Ba mai tawalihu (no one can repair)
Da alheri ka da kuma imani ka (with your grace and also trust in you)
Kai ka nuna mana hanya ta ceto (you showed us the path to salvation)
Ka ba da dan ka yesu a kan giciye (you gave your son Jesus on the cross)
Ya mutu domi na domin sami rai (He died because of me that I might have life)
Ya dache nche maka Uba na gode (it’s necessary for me to say thank you father thank you)

Uba na gode (x8)

(Father thank you)

You took me through it all
The storm and the tempest
Friends and family
Were no where to be found
You were there
Even though I could not see you
You are dependable
You are reliable
Always available
Also impeccable
Highly defendable
Forever respectable
Na gode (thank you)
Na gode (thank you)
Na gode (thank you)
Kai ne mai girma ( you are the greatest)

Uba na gode (x8)

(Father thank you)


Rabbana kalimatullah (our Lord, the true Word of God)
Yabo ni zan kawo (praise I’ll bring)
Ka bani gida, ka bani mota (you gave me a house, you gave me a car)
Mata da Yara (wife and children)
Yabo zan kawo (praise I’ll bring)
You are there
Even though I cannot see you
You are untouchable (repeat)
You are unchangeable (repeat)
You are so powerful (repeat)
You are so beautiful (repeat)
Na gode (thank you)
Na gode (thank you)
Na gode (thank you)
Kai ne mai girma (you are the greatest)

Uba na gode (x10) (Father thank you)

Na gode (thank you)               (uba na gode
Godiya godiya (appreciation )          “
Godiya godiya  (appreciation )         “
Godiya godiya  (appreciation )          “
Dare da rana    (night and day)            “
Yamma da safe. (Evening and morning )        “
Yabo na kawo ( praise I bring)           “
Kulayomi (every moment )                 “
Irin maryama (son of Mary)             “
Godiya godiya   (Appreciation )          “
Gaba da baya     (Appreciation )         “
Godiya godiya  (Appreciation )           “
Sama da kasa  (up and down )           “
Mai ganewa   (the one who understands )             “
Sai dai yesu.  (Only Jesus )

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram: @AbedNansoh

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