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A New Song Of Praise by Tai Jay @overseasfb

Founder of GOD PRAISER/WORSHIPPER MUSIC MINISTRY on Facebook, Music minister and song writer Tai Jay is out with this lovely single “A New Song Of Praise”

Tai Jay wrote about the song:
This song is all about God!!!
O Beloved,  Sing unto the Lord Most High!!!!
For those wonderfully and fearfully made in Christ, rejoice and acclaim His praise forever.
Keep the banner of praise flying!!!
For those yet to know this Great GOD, you have no idea what you are missing!!!
He is standing and knocking at the door of your heart, open up and let Him in. 
Today is your day of salvation as you break forth into singing new songs of praise to your maker.
Soar and swim on in His abundant grace
Glory be to God!!!!

PLAY Song On YouTube:

Contact Tai Jay Via:
Facebook- Tai Jay
Twitter – @overseasfb and @gpwlondonradio
Instagram -taijay_gpw
YouTube- Tai Jay GPW
Whatsapp – +447426669451

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