Things you didn’t know about Mombasa gospel songbird Anastacia Mukabwa


She acknowledges Pastor John Oketch, Bishop Joseph Maisha and the members of Jesus Evangelical Baptist Church, Nyali, who through their support made her what she is today.

She runs a boutique and Mukabwa Music Production Studio and other small businesses in Mombasa.

During her  free time, she visits and help orphans and prisoners.

To give back to the society Anastazia organises crusades and invites bishops to preach the gospel and also once in a while organises medical camps where people receive free medical treatment. She says the last medical camp she had was in Imironge, Emahaya, Butere in Kakamega where a lot people were rescued from jiggers

It was in one of her crusades that the secular artiste Sukuma bin Ongaro accepted Jesus as his personal saviour and he now sings Gospel music. He has recorded an album and he is looking forward to producing another one soon.

During the initial stages of her music career Rose Muhando invited her to Tanzania where she stayed for two months touring and singing. She also helped Anastazia to record all the music she had and did not charge her anything.

Prior to their meeting Rose Muhando had a vision from God  revealing to her that she would be the one to help  Anastazia in recording her music to enable her spread the word of the Lord comfortably. “It was God’s order to me that Anastazia was to be helped,” said Rose during one of her earlier interviews.

She was on and off school owing to lack of fees and other requirements. But despite this she attended Maweni Primary School and finished her class eight in 1992, before joining  Mombasa High for her secondary education until 1996. Even after finishing she could not be given her certificates due to fees balance she had.

“I had to do work very hard including working as a maid to raise money to subsidize my mother’s income and also clear my outstanding school debt. With God’s grace I made it though later the same documents could not help much as I could not continue with studies due to our poverty,” Anastazia said.

Music was a big part of her ever since she was a child  but did not have a anyone to mentor her. It was not until 1997 while attending a Crusade at Ushind Baptist Church under the care of Bishop Joseph Ushindi that her star started shining.

Later in the year the bishop invited Rose Mhando to the church and Anastazia was given a chance to sing. She performed so well that two months later Rose invited her to Tanzania.

“It was a miracle as Rose met all my expenses; travelling, upkeep and recording of my first album Umetoa Shimoni that has six songs.

Interestingly, she got  all her song titles in  dreams.

She has toured Tanzania, Congo, United Kingdom, Rwanda, Malawi, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia with the aim of spreading the gospel through her songs.

Her role models are Rose Muhando, Rebecca Malope, Euphraim, the late Angela Chibalonza, Mary Atieno and the late Emachichi. “Their music inspires me and I hope I will one time, God willing, sing my way to their level,” says Anastazia.

She believes gospel music is not meant for entertainment only but for spreading the Gospel hence the need for upcoming gospel artistes to embark on the Bible when composing their music. “They need to realize that they need to use their talents to glorify God and above all they should be able to work together for a common cause.”


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