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TODAY June 30,(mid year nd centre of unity) 2017 at 9pm Jerusalem time(centre of nations. Ezek 5:5), christians worldwide will at thesame hour worship God by declaring the wonders of God as it happened on the day of Pentecost. In heaven, while the 24 elders in concert give God glory for His wonderful works, christians on earth will in concert declare the wonderful works. The will of God will be on earth as it is in heaven. It will be the greatest worship hour on earth since Pentecost. The walls of division in the body are crumbling because it’s the day of His power. No one should allow a relation or friend to miss this 4th dimension of worship ie personal alter, family alter, local assembly alter and the yearly Great Assembly alter(Ps. 35:18), which is the TJD hour. When you make first what God makes first then you are honouring God. For details log on to: www.thejesusdream.org Pls. forward this message world wide thereby raising worshippers unto God. It is my eternal duty by the Holy Spirit to welcome you to this global worship hour.

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