Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Bigger God by SeunRolls

There is always something ‘er’ and more about our God. Have you seen something or someone biggest, our God is bigger than the biggest, someone in the highest level, our God is higher than the highest, something or someone who happens to be the strongest, our God is stronger than the strongest. Or maybe you met the best lover, our God is a better lover, you know the best giver, our God is a better giver. And if you know the wealthiest, our God is wealthier than the wealthiest, the list goes on and on, our God has more to His personality than we can ever fathom.

Elewi Elese By Seunrolls

Elewi Elese By Seunrolls. Our God is a God of integrity who honours His word Mathew 24:35, He explicitly makes sure that none of...