“Peace And Joy” by Femilolu @Femilolu


How will you feel when someone walk into the hallway gloomy and sad with lots of relics of rejection written all over him? And what explanation will you give when some gallant joyous folks who ran into the city with feelings of being loved and a certainty of peace overwhelming them all through”.

That’s the new story that will be heard of you on stepping out into the beauty of today with this new piece from Femilolu.

What’s this all about Femilolu surface again, such as has been done by him in recent time with another testament of goodness in this track of his titled “PEACE AND JOY”.

Peace and Joy” is a special collaboration of musical tunes to explain the peace and Joy only the almighty God can give with which man will never be troubled unnecessarily about some mundane things of life. It is a track rich with joy itself, and guess what? You will be glad you listened to this. Watch out for this peace been spoken of, as it liberate you from all obnoxious rulings the enemy might have set your way.

PEACE And JOY By Femilolu is Produced By Ayotunde Onabolu.

Voices: Femilolu, Ayotunde Onabolu, Damilare Balogun, Ayo Stephens & Immanuel Joseph.

Lifted Records in conjunction with TM Recording Studio.

Twitter : @Femilolu
Instagram: Femilolu1

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