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#Music: You’re Mighty By Goodness Patrick @Goodnessmusic1

“YOU’RE MIGHTY” by Goodness Patrick is just one song that leaves you right on the repeat, you just can’t get over it. You can’t! The song will bless you most certainly.

Goodness is a amazing gift to the body of Christ and she currently serves as a worship leader at The Celebration Church headed by Pastor Iren.

This song was produced my Michael Bassey.


Creator of the universe
The sun moon and stars they call you lord
Your powers are incomparable
Straight path in the red sea you are
Seated in the heavens
You make my heart your home
Your glory fills the earth and you’re the centre of my faith

You’re mighty, victorious
You’re Jesus
Son of the living God
The reason king
You reign on high
You’re Jesus
Son of the living God

Saving grace that’s who you are
Saviour to the sinners you are
You are
Giver of salvation
Everything revolves where you are


Call – I call you Jesus
Resp – Jesus
Call – You
Resp – You are Jesus son of the living God


Download Link:

Connect with Goodness Patric
Facebook: Goodness Patrick
Instagram: Goodnesspatrickmusic
Twitter: Goodnessmusic1



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