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INSPIRED BY LaRAYLaRAY gives out hope to his people and the believers all over the world in his newest single titled “INSPIRED“.

LaRAY is a gospel hip hop rapper hails from Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. He has been actively involved in the music industry since when he dropped his first single “Bless Me“ which gave him a spot and had him tour with MOBO nominated artiste, El mafrex, and also perform on Tb1‘s tour (under big nations then) in Akwa Ibom state. He has dished out a new song titled INSPIRED to help reach out to everyone in a deep and unique way. Inspired is a song that would speak to the hearts of many and help them overcome life battles with God by their side. The lyrical content is really deep.

The song was mixed and mastered by 1717 mixing studio, Lagos Nigeria and produced byRexmadeit, chef ‘sBeats and Lar’ z Beatz.

Listen and be Blessed.

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[Intro]So inspired[Chorus]Every time it feels like my world is shaking
I keep my head up high and call on Jesus name
And get inspired, am so inspired, and get inspired, am so inspired
Every time it feels like you gon never make it
Just keep your head up high and call on Jesus name
And get inspired, so inspired, and get inspired, so inspired[Verse1]

Beauty for ashes
Filled the space where there were dashes
Clothed me when I wore patches
Look at me now am on everyone’s tracklist
paid it all no taxes
He Pulled up out of the back seat
Don’t hold it back lay your troubles down
You see I don’t go with the masses
I know you feel
The pain when it comes don’t take a pill
Lift it to Jesus and take a chill, lift it to Jesus and take a chill
Bout that
Bounce back
Like a rebound we gon bounce back
When the devil wanna come we gon clap back
Hit him with the word of God(uhn) till he falls back why not.
[Bridge] Every time I call on him
I feel his presence on me(on me e)
So tell whats e gon be(gon be ummm yea)
Every time am feeling down(every time m feeling down)
His love is all that I see(all that I see)
Am so inspiiiiirrrrreeeeedd(aww)


Clean without spot
Renewing my every thought
Came in feeling like dirty
But see now am Soaked in his blood
Lights on where the dark running
Yea, I see the light coming
So where you go is where I’ll follow
Living for Christ brethren
You know that we die daily
Leaving the pleasure behind
The move wasn’t fast the move happened gradually(gradually)
Living this life
Blessings on sight
Take up your cross and put all things right
Living this life
Blessings on sight
Take up your cross and put all things right


Every time it feels like my world is shaking(Everytime it feels like my world is shaking)
I keep my head up high and call on Jesus name(ou ou ou ooouuu uu)
And get inspired, am so inspired, and get inspired(am so inspired) am so inspired(inspired)
Every time it feels like you gon never make it
Just keep your head up high and call on Jesus name(name)
And get inspired( oh oh u oh oh o o o o) so inspired(so inspired o u u o) , and get inspired, so inspired


Yaw, I know many times in your life
You felt like letting go yunno
But I want you to get inspired tonight,
Christ has given us victory over everything
Itz the guy LaRAY
Radio vox(Chorus rpt)

Instagram @Itz_Laray | Twitter:- @LaRAY80651238

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