Gospel Singer, Nathaniel Bassey’s View On Tiwa Savage’s Marriage Saga


Like most sagas or scandals, people talk. Most times we all just talk, my self inclusive.
But how many ever stop to say a word of prayer for people going through such. I mean take out time and just pray for them?
I even hear TIWA, is or was one of us, that is someone who once sang in church or perhaps knows the Lord. (Not so sure how true though)
The more I grow, the more I learn not to criticise what I don’t understand. And in fact, from the bible, also learnt that how one reacts determines also what happens to one, sooner or later. That’s why the best thing to do is take out time to pray at such a time. I remember doing same when I heard about some famous believers who’d gone through something similar.
So can we just pray that this crisis will be an opportunity for TIWA and her husband to encounter CHRIST afresh? And pray specifically for TIWA that Jesus would reveal himself anew to her, and turn this into a revival in her life. And pray that her husband will come to the saving knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus. And also use this time to pray for every music minister and preacher going through storms in their lives and ministries that they’ll encounter the PRINCE of PEACE, Jesus.
I don’t know about you, it would be my joy to see TIWA come out of this strong and changed, declaring her faith in Jesus and using all that talent for him; singing the praises of our God and king alone.
That would delve a major blow to the kingdom of darkness. Won’t it? So saints, let’s pray more and talk less.
God bless you all.


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