Eba Mi Ki By Jumoke Omotunde


Jumoke OmotundeAccording to Jumoke Omotunde “No one receives anything except he is given from above (John 3;27)

The song came with an inspiration while reading through John chapter 1 where Jesus was described as the word of God and also described as God.

The book of Romans explicitly described works of reconciliation Jesus did.

Oh!  Isn’t it amazing how a child was born through Virgin?

Have you ever wondered How God himself became a man for our redemption?

 Have you ever analyzed how many Birds,Rams, Bulls etc you can afford for the remission of your sins.?

It is in light of this considerations that I deem it fit to say greetings to the God who became a man. I’m very sure you won’t regret listening to it.” Jumoke Omotunde


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