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“See Me See Blessings” by Stenz @Mrz_Stenz

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Stenz, Who has shared the stage with some other great Nigerian ministers and a new revelation music minister who released some singles couple of years back started her professional music journey in the year 2013. She has returned after being away for a while to continue in the music journey and this time with a Big Bang!!! She has this to say;
“I was prompted to release this song because God told me that for His children, as far as their eyes can see, so shall the Lord give. If you see blessings, you will get blessed,  if you see glory,  you will be glorified etc.  At this time when people are  shouting recession,  the best for now is to keep confessing blessings through this song and as you confess it,  you will see it!”
See me see Blessings is a single off her debut album titled; Light Up!. produce by Sammy Young
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Stenz - See Me See Blessings @Mrz_Stenz