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“ONISE IYANU” by Goke & Favour Adeyemi

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Different things happen to us in life, we seek for help from sources that will/can never help. But when we lift up our eyes to the heavens, we draw the Host of Heaven to attention and the God, the Great I am gives the miracle that is long awaited. It’s a song of praise to God for he never disappoint no matter what. You cannot but dance to the rhythm.

The couple, Goke & Favour Adeyemi (The Ubangiji crooner) have been a vessel of honour in God’s hand as instrument of praise and worship. Filled with the Holy Ghost, they have delivered this piece powerfully.

Twitter: @gokefavour
Facebook: Goke Adebisi Adeyemi
Instagram: Goke Adebisi Adeyemi

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Goke & Favour Adeyemi - ONISE IYANU @GokeFavour