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“Kos’ewu” By Wale John ft Seunstics @afrodarkskin

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Wale John’s dynamic, distinctive and captivating vocal prowess carries power to soothe and encourage the heart of people wherever he ministers. He is a gifted music enthusiast and artiste who uses the tool of music as means to making a positive impact. The native of Oyo state has worked with a myriad of talented artistes in the past which has helped him hone his music ingenuity.

In his brand new tune titled Kos’ewu, he charges Nigerians to be fearless inspite of the negative experiences that befalls them

According to him: “Fear can stop you from reaching out for more. Fear can barricade your dreams and make you end up in chains, chained by the pains of the past, low self-esteem and poverty. He wrote Kos’ewu as an antidote to fear and calamities.

Twitter: @afrodarkskin

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