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HOLY IS THE LORD by Amona @AmonaOfficial

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Raphael Sunday Olabisi a.k.a  Amona born in Lagos, Nigeria, a native of Yoruba, one of the major tribes in western Nigeria. He has been singing since the age of six and active in leading various choir groups. He is here with a worship song “HOLY IS THE LORD”; a song that is inspired by the Holy Spirit with the purpose of drawing men closer to God in Worship

AMONA described the meaning of his name  as a way to God’s presence via worship and said he is fulfilling Life’s purpose and impacting Lives through passionate ministrations and simple Worship.

HOLY IS THE LORD is not just a song to him but an expression of his heart of what worship should be and how God should be worshipped. ( in spirit and in truth).

In his words, AMONA said: “Worship goes beyond  Impacting emotional relieve which is the effect of entertainment, but for impartation and transformation in spirit filled and truthful worship. However, inspired songs must be accomplished with the truthfulness of the spirit to invoke the presence of the most high God. Wherever I found myself  leading the people in to God’s presence regardless of the country or continent, my ultimate goal is Impartation through Heaven’s presence” .

God gave me the GIFT, added GRACE to my GIFT, engineered by HOLY SPIRIT= MOTIVATION and FULFILLMENT.

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Facebook: Raphael Sunday Olabisi
Twitter: @AmonaOfficial

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Amona - Holy is the Lord