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Haskaka By Oracool feat. McTarpha @itsOracool | @Mctarpha

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After the release of  “I Be Like” by Oracool from His E.P Fourteen Eleven, he decides to take a pause and bring us something indigenous from the North titled ‘Haskaka‘ meaning ‘SHINE’. The song basically reminds us of God’s words concerning us as shining lights; it also enlightens us that we shine the light of Christ when we provide solution to the world’s problems!

Hey download, listen and tell us what u feel about this Indigenous Flow.

Warm regards,

Artist:- Oracool
Featured Artist:- McTarpha
Facebook page:- Oracool | Mctarpha
Twitter Handles:- @itsOracool | @Mctarpha
Song Title:- Haskaka

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Oracool - Haskaka ( feat. McTarpha)