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Follo Follo By Wixane ft JClone and Izik Aga @jcambassador, @jclonee, @izik_aga

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Wixane hails from northern Nigeria, the Niger born Abuja based upcoming rapper is a student with an eclectic interest in music, he is inspired by the likes of Lecrea, Andy Mineo, Bizzle, John Givez amongst others. He has always had the love for music and started off as a band member in his local church at an early age, Wixane hope to take his interest in music to the next level as he comes out with his new single “Follo Follo”, the song is an outstrip profession of his faith ad mist good and bad times and a never ending fellowship he shares and loves, he features the Afican Kid hit maker J.Clone along side IZIK AGA, don’t miss out on the fun cause this Gbagyi boys are taken it to the next level.
Twitter/IG – @jcambassador, @jclonee, @izik_aga
Facebook – wilfredistifanus
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