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“EBA MI GBE JESU GA + EMMANUEL” by Lanre Shedowo @lanreshedowo

Lanre Shedowo


New song by Lanre Shedowo will make you have an experience that will Change your life.
Artist Profile
Lanre shedowo a Nigerian UK based gospel artist with a passion for liberating people by bringing them through praise and worship to Christ Jesus. This Yuletide season is another season of great explosion into the supernatural through this two new songs
Ebami gbe Jesu yi ga featuring Seun Are, Olukemi Funke,Joan Kaboleri, Olaolu Oluwole
Emmanuel featuring Seun Are,Olukemi Funke, Joan koboleri … I believe that this two songs will take you in depth of worship. God bless you and compliment of the season
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Lanre Shedowo - Emmanuel @lanreshedowo


Lanre Shedowo - Eba Mi Gbe Jesu Ga @lanreshedowo