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AMEN By Jeremiah Oluwatoke @jeremiahmuziks

Jeremiah Oluwatoke Download Music


Music Producer, Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist Jeremiah Oluwatoke and
His crew have released a new song titled Amen, produced by JM Boss.
This easy-to-sing tune expresses our faith in God in the good and Bad Times, saying Amen to all our prayers.
Attached with this mail is the song and their picture.

Enjoy and Be Blessed.

Thanks and regards,
Jeremiah Oluwatoke.

T: +234 8168557383
T: +234 9099176447

FB : Jeremiah Oluwatoke – Jmc
Twitter : @jeremiahmuziks
Instagram : jeremiah oluwatoke

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Jeremiah Oluwatoke - Amen