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“AFRICA LET’S ARISE” by Victor Akra @orismaaaa

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The song is a Unique Makosa styled Praise. It serves dual purpose of first praising God and seeking to steer Africans into a praise mode. The song is loaded and has a feeling of various musical instruments. Victor Akra did a good job of mentioning the name of God in different African languages. Above all, you will feel the spirit of praise behind this song as it will set you into dancing and praising God. Of a truth, this song is set to go international…. Akra Oritsemayomi Victor is a seasoned upcoming gospel artist from delta state (Itsekiri by tribe) representing God down from the north (kano) to the ends of he earth.. I pray this piece be a blessing to nations Amen

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Victor Akra - Africa Let’s Arise @orismaaaa